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SonicSeal F - Format flexible security wrapping

Tamper-Evident Film Wrapping of Telephone Cards

KÖRA-PACKMAT’s SonicSeal F uses ultra-sonic sealing to produce security seals

VILLINGENDORF, Germany, 01 June 2007 – The success of KÖRA-Packmat’s 4-sided ultra-sonic sealing technology for film wrapping of scratch-off phone cards generated a demand for this technology to become available for film wrapping of CD’s; responding to this demand, KÖRA-Packmat has launched an enhanced version of its SonicSeal card wrapping machine, the SonicSeal F (flexible format).

Sonic Seal F can wrap phone cards in the traditional CR format, phone cards in new formats, and other flat products up to A5 format.Using phone cards is nowadays the most popular method of purchasing top-ups for mobile phones; especially in Asia and Africa with the introduction of multi-PIN cards. Production and shipping costs per PIN is very low for CR-size phone cards that can be split into 2, 3 or 5 mini-vouchers with individual PINs. This makes it economical to offer very low denominations, as required in some regions of Asia and Africa. 10-PIN cards with an over all size of 304 x 96 mm are also coming to the market.

Says Jochen Scheil, Head of Business Unit Cards , “Customers of mobile phone companies like physical cards, but they want to be sure that a card has not been tampered with. Our SonicSeal F uses ultra-sonic sealing technology to produce seals on four sides of each pack. The seals have intricate patterns – either generic or customised – and these patterns are extremely difficult to counterfeit. Our ultra-sonic sealing technology offers our customers a very cost-efficient way to wrap phone cards and assure consumers of the integrity of the packs. A consumer can see immediately at the point of sale whether or not a pack has been tampered with.”

SonicSeal F keeps the wrapping cost low as single wound film can be used. Option for registering pre-printed film, for producing re-sealable packs, and for producing packs with header and hang-tags are available.

Production speed is up to 100 packs/min. Depending on the options fitted, phone cards can be wrapped in individual packs or in chain packs. Each card in a chain pack is individually wrapped, the links between the packs are perforated for easy separation.

A SonicSeal F can work in-line with different overwrapping systems to produce overwrapped collations of phone cards for distribution to retailers.