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Largest Order in KÖRA-PACKMAT's history

Hallmark UK will be using KÖRA-PACKMAT’s VFM 102 FF to establish a new packaging standard for greeting cards in the United Kingdom

VILLINGENDORF, Germany, 27 April 2007 – KÖRA-PACKMAT has won the largest single order in the company’s history – Hallmark UK has placed an order for seven greeting cards wrapping machines with the global leader in greeting cards wrapping machines; KÖRA-PACKMAT’s VFM 102 FF will enable Hallmark UK to establish in the United Kingdom a new standard for packaging greeting cards.

Greeting cards wrapping has to fulfil conflicting demands: wrapping has to protect greeting cards during transport and during the time on the shelf where customers and shop staff may handle the cards many times before they are purchased; wrapping has to be easy to remove; wrapping should use minimum wrapping material; wrapping should emphasise the quality of the cards; and even the minimum use of wrapping material should enhance the presentation of cards. Hallmark’s solution is attractive because it combines functionality and simplicity: a simple sleeve of clear film protects the front part of a card.

The look of a card is enhanced by the clear film, the use of wrapping film is kept to a minimum, and the sleeve is easy to remove.

The sleeve protects the front side of a card when the card is handled by consumers who browse through cards on a shelf; even a delicate attachment on the front side will not be damaged when the card is pushed back into its place on a shelf. Field tests in England and Scotland have shown that consumers like the format.

The sleeve is produced in the first wrapping station of KÖRA-PACKMAT’s VFM 102 FF; the front side of an open card is accurately positioned inside the folded wrapping film and then the film is sealed along top and bottom of the card’s front side.

An instruction to the consumer or a logo is printed on the sleeve before a card is folded. A decorative label, for example the Hallmark logo or a price code, is applied on the outside part of the sleeve.

Six or twelve folded cards are collated in a pack and the correct number of envelopes is added; then the pack is moved to a second wrapping station where the pack is overwrapped and completely sealed to produce a distribution pack for transport to a retail outlet.

KÖRA-PACKMAT’s card wrapping machines provide what Hallmark UK wants: an attractive packaging format for greeting cards that will become the new standard for greeting card wrapping in the United Kingdom.

Notes to the editor(Please send a voucher copy)

Hallmark Cards
Hallmark Cards, Inc. was founded in January 1910 by Joyce C. Hall. The company has grown successfully for almost one century and is the industry leader in the personal expression industry. The reputation of Hallmark’s brands for quality is based on a passion for attention to detail.
Worldwide, Hallmark has more than 18,000 full-time employees, and in 2005 Hallmark reported consolidated net revenues of .2 billion.
Creative staff of eight hundred artists, designers, stylists, writers and photographers creates more than 19,000 new and re-designed cards and related products each year. Hallmark publishes cards in more than thirty languages and distributes cards in more than one hundred countries.
Hallmark Cards, Inc. is based in Kansas City, Missouri.
Hallmark UK was established in 1958. Today, Hallmark UK has 3,100 employees, produces approximately 2 billion cards per year, and - with almost 20,000 designs available in any one year - offers the largest product range in the UK market.
Hallmark UK and the headquarters of the International Division are based in Bradford, England.