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It’s a wrap for Moser Baer with KÖRA-PACKMAT’s SonicSeal F

Moser Baer uses KÖRA-PACKMAT’s SonicSeal F for wrapping Video CDs and DVDs to establish a new packaging standard

VILLINGENDORF, Germany, 14 March 2007 – The Home Entertainment Division of Moser Baer has launched an initiative to bring more than 7,000 titles to the home entertainment market in India; the company has chosen KÖRA PACKMAT’s SonicSeal F four-sided seal packaging machine to package its Video CDs and DVDs with minimum cost but with world-class packaging that offers field-verifiable product authentication.
Moser Baer is India’s largest, and the world’s second largest, optical storage manufacturer; its Home Entertainment Division is acquiring copyright and exclusive licences for more than 7,000 films, a third of all movies produced in India to date. The company will release these films on DVDs and Video CDs, and promises to redefine home entertainment in India through significantly reduced pricing. This will be made possible by using the company’s proprietary and patented technology for optical storage media.
This re-definition of the home entertainment market can only be achieved if the cost of packaging is also drastically reduced. But cost-reduced packaging still needs to offer protection to the optical discs and provide product authentication.

KÖRA-PACKMAT’s SonicSeal F packaging machines meet these requirements; these machines are ideal for film wrapping CDs and DVDs. Moser Baer was specifically interested in KÖRA-PACKMAT’s ultrasonic-sealing technology for producing high-integrity high security seals that can be used when sealing the film to produce the packs.
The security seals incorporate an intricate, customised pattern that cannot be easily copied; looking at the seal, the consumer can verify that the pack is an authentic Moser Baer product.
A pack is produced by first forming a header on the closed side of the folded film. Then the left and right hand sides of the pack are sealed with a security seal. A third security seal is placed at the bottom of the header to complete a three sided pack into which a CD is inserted. On the forth side, a strip of glue is deposited for the re-sealable flap before the flap is closed.
The seals of a pack are stiff and this gives extra protection to an optical disc inside the pack when the pack is handled during transport and in the retail shop.
SonicSeal F also has format-flexibility and can wrap CDs individually or as twin-packs. The accuracy and repeatability of the machine reduces trim waste to a minimum. A print registration system that enables optical discs to be wrapped with pre-printed film is an option, as is a Euro-slot punch for punching packs with headers.
KÖRA-PACKMAT’s SonicSeal F packaging machines deliver packaging at target cost. The new packaging format has been successfully introduced into the market. The consumer like the product, and today the demand for film wrapped Video CDs and DVDs exceeds the supply.
Moser Bear is convinced that its format of CD/DVD packaging will set a new standard in India, and Moser Bear is looking forward to the delivery of further SonicSeal F packaging machines.

Notes to the editor(Please send a voucher copy)
Moser Baer
Moser Baer is an India-based company that was incorporated in 1983. The company has grown rapidly through continuous innovation and ongoing development of technologies for recordable optical media.
Today, Moser Baer employs more than 5,000 full-time employees. The company is the lowest-cost manufacturer of optical media in the world; it ranks as India’s largest and the world’s second largest optical storage manufacturer.
Moser Baer has multiple manufacturing facilities in the suburbs of New Delhi and six marketing offices service customers in the US, Europe and Japan.
Moser Baer’s Home Entertainment Division is acquiring exclusive licences to more than 7,000 titles in all major Indian languages. The movies will be released on DVD and Video CD. The use of proprietary technology will ensure that high quality standards are maintained at reduced cost.
Film wrapping with security seals will drastically reduce the cost of packaging and the company expects to establish a new benchmark for value for customers, and to gain at least 50% market share in a market that is assumed to grow four to five-fold in the next three years.