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FlexiSeal Wrapping machine to form, fill and seal bags

Köra-Packmat Maschinenbau GmbH, Villingendorf near Rottweil/Baden-Württemberg, will present a recently developed film wrapping machine at Interpack 2008, hall 17, booth #C16. The wrapping line named FlexiSeal can handle almost all types of products that are sold in display packs or hanger packs e.g. DIY and gardening-supplies, toys, drugstore goods, household articles, electronic accessories, and office supplies.

FlexiSeal’s most outstanding characteristic is its inline concept. There is a coherent process from flat film (BOPP/CPP, 35 up to 100 µm) to the final bags. The result is an attractive display pack, with or without header and Euro hole.

The material cost reducing method is an efficient and economic alternative to the traditional use and manual filling of pre-made bags. Due to the direct on-demand production there are additional logistical advantages. Many different bag types and sizes can be produced using the same film material, in case clear film is used.

The machine base consists of a film folding module, a header module and the sealing unit. Bag sizes range from 75 x 105 mm up to 275 x 380 mm. The bags can be filled manually, semi-automatically or completely automatically at a machine speed of up to 80 cycles per minute (depending on application).

Variety of packaging styles and optional equipment

The machine can handle flat and 3-dimensional products with a thickness of up to 30 mm. Both clear and printed film can be used. Different pack styles are possible, e.g. packs with easy open perforation, with re-sealable flap, with different headers, or multi packs. Empty bags can be produced as well.

FlexiSeal can be extended by a range of modules such as different collating and feeding systems – according to the products and volumes handled. Various filling devices – horizontal ones for piled products, vertical ones for 3-dimensional products- are available as well as modules for semi automatic and manual bag filling.

Additional modules are carton header module, film punching unit, labeller, printer, as well as adhesive tape applicator and flap closing module for the production of re-sealable bags.

Due to the FlexiSeal’s modular design it is possible to keep the initial investment very low. Additional equipment can easily be added or exchanged according to the customers’ various requirements.