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Modular print finishing system

The basis for all printing and product upgrading requirements

The KÖRA-PACKMAT machine platform - FTS-200 feeding and transporting system - offers the basis for all your requirements. The very flexible modular conception enables revolutionary production processes!

Via individual combination varieties - for printing, labelling and product control - your product will distinguish from the competition.

First of all the adequate feeding system will be chosen for your product and enable a smooth guiding of your product to the transportation system. In case of demand for high precision a suction conveyor will be used, alternatively a flighted belt conveyor will carry out the transportation.

The KÖRA-PACKMAT transporting system offers the optimized solution for upgrading of your product in small production lots at the right price but also offers the high-end solution for high speed production of bulk orders, that need product individualization in the last step.

Call us to discuss and receive an individual quotation of your transporting system.