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310 Treffer
81. Service Philisophy  
Statische Seiten
Service Customer satisfaction is a keyword for us. KÖRA-PACKMAT and our international sales and support offices have well qualified engineers who can install, repair, and maintain your machines. Our...  
82. Camera control system  
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Camera control system For product control, the line will be equipped with barcode scanners or camera control systems. The simple control of product presence up to print and quality control can be...  
83. Digital printing system  
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Digital printing system The usage of an Ink-Jet, Drop-on-demand or thermotransfer printing system enables the "Late stage customizing" of your product in the last production step...  
84. Labelling systems  
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Labelling systems In accordance with your requirement a variety of different labelling systems can be integrated onto the basic transporting system. The high-end product includes a fully automatic...  
85. VMC 105  
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Information Format flexible machine for separating, counting and wrapping of small to medium-sized products The VMC 105 provides the best presentation of your products because of tight and very...  
86. CardSeal 2  
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Information New machine generation:  High-speed card wrapping machine CardSeal 2 with state-of-the-art ultrasonic sealing technology CardSeal 2 is the successor of the global best seller...  
87. Other flat products  
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You could not find your product? Please contact us, KÖRA-PACKMAT will be happy to find the right solution for your application! Request  
88. Mailing  
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Application Wrapping machines for film wrapping mailings, in different formats and with different wrapping options: easy-open perforation use of pre-printed film four-sided ultrasonic security...  
89. Paper and Cardboard Products  
Statische Seiten
Application Wrapping machines for film wrapping paper products, for example envelops, paper assortments, photo paper, loose leave dividers, labels, special papers in different formats and with...  
90. Greeting Cards  
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Application Wrapping machines for film wrapping greeting cards in different formats and with different wrapping options: card closed card open  wallet wrap film sleeve assortment with envelope...  
91. Accessories  
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Accessories Magazining Autoloader conveyor Multiple magazines Fan magazine ...more information... Outfeed extension Vertical design For the vertical feeding of products, in particular products...  
92. PouchCutter PC100  
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PouchCutter PC100 With the PouchCutter PC100 we have a competitve and cost-effective solution at a medium speed compared with the highspeed PouchCutter PC300 for the cutting of linked bags of e.g....  
93. Complete Systems  
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Functional principle Apart from the individual devices, we also offer complete systems , i.e. production lines, mounted on conveyor units, into which, for example, glueing and identification stations...  
94. TSA2 Drum Suction Feeder  
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Drum Suction Feeder The KÖRA-PACKMAT drum suction feeder guarantees safe separation of stapled brochures or magazines, especially when the cover page is relatively thin. The products are separeted...  
95. PPR Rotatory Feeder  
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PPR Pick & Place Rotatory Feeder The KÖRA-PACKMAT PPR feeder is a special suction feeder with 4 heads, mounted star-shaped in 90°. The ideal feeder for horizontal and vertical placing of...  
96. Vacuum and Sliding Feeder  
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Application All types of vacuum feeders separate products by means of vacuum. Vacuum cups or suction rolls are used for the product handling. In contrast to friction feeders there is no or just...  
97. LF-350 LogisticFeeder  
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All-round vacuum feeder All-round vacuum feeder for a range of catalogues and flyer (packed in foil or envelopes), in the medium output range. Integration into order picking systems! Perfect feeding...  
98. Friction Feeder  
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Friction Feeder Application KÖRA-PACKMAT friction feeders are ideally suited for the feeding and separation of flat products e. g. envelopes, phone cards, carton cuttings, inserts. Highlights ...  
99. Imprint  
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Disclaimer for Links As a content provider, KÖRA-PACKMAT Maschinenbau GmbH shall be responsible for own content that is made available for use. However, own content shall be distinguished...  
100. Customer info folders  
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Customer info folders Folder - feeding systems  
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