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Milk Filter Manufacturing System

In milking machines of any kind milk filters are needed to remove impurities from the raw milk. With ultrasonic sealing technology, the production speed is up to eight times higher than with traditional production methods such as sewing and gluing. Furthermore, additional consumables (yarn or glue) are not required. The finished milk filter consists only of the special filter nonwoven.

Functional description

The nonwoven material will be unwinded from the roll. A web-edge control ensures a precise material guidance. By means of a form shoulder the material web will be folded. A rotary working ultrasonic sealing unit creates the longitudinal seam in the middle, so that two endless milk filter hoses are formed. A rotary working cutting unit separates the filter hoses into two webs. Another rotary working ultrasonic sealing unit creates the transversal seam and the individual milk filters will be separated from each other by a rotary cutting unit. The finished milk filters will be stacked and can be removed manually from the exit conveyor.

Optionally the machine can be equipped with an automatic splicer.


In our newsletter May 2013 you will find more details about this system.

 Ultrasonic sealing systems for milk filters

Data sheet

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