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Ultrasonic sealing of disposable washing gloves

Especially in processing nonwovens in the areas of hygiene or medical technology, the ultrasonic sealing technology opens up all new possibilities. In the production of e. g. disposable washing gloves or compresses, the output greatly increases through the use of ultrasonic sealing instead of conventional methods such as thermal sealing, gluing or sewing. This makes production much more efficient. The major advantage of the ultrasonic sealing technology is the high speed of sealing to reach the required high outputs.

Functional description

Initially, the material web is unwinded and folded with a slight shift. This shift is intended to facilitate to slip the hand into the glove later. By means of two pairs of drums, the material web is transported through the machine. A rotary ultrasonic sealing unit creates the transversal seam. Afterwards, a rotary cutting unit separates the washing gloves from each other and creates the bow section at the opening of the glove. As an option, the washing gloves can be folded by half in the next step. Finally, the finished gloves are stacked and can be removed manually from the exit conveyor.

It is possible to film wrap the stacks afterwards with a KÖRA-PACKMAT film wrapping machine.


In our newsletter February 2013 you will find more details about this system and the ultrasonic sealing of nonwovens.

Ultrasonic sealing systems for disposable washing gloves

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