KÖRA-PACKMAT - 4 strong business units!

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Film wrapping machines
Started with the design and production of collating lines and film wrapping machines for flat products, the portfolio expanded over the years. Packaging considerably influences the appearance of products and significantly influences buying decisions. Nowadays, the majority of all greeting cards within Europe are meanwhile wrapped on a KÖRA-PACKMAT machine. All other types of flat products such as 

-          papers, envelopes, stickers, flat office supplies
-          telephone cards, SIM cards
-          CDs, DVDs etc.

are nice and tightly wrapped on our lines in any customized design. 

Feeding and collating systems
Flat products that need to be separated, collated, counted or forwarded into a processing machine, can be handled by our feeding systems. The list of application areas is unexhausted as our inserters meanwhile handle print/paper, multimedia, pharmaceutical/cosmetic, food and beverage articles. High precision feeding is ensured by our friction feeders that are moreover equipped with the unique patented 3-S-system, allowing fastest changeover to different products. Our pick and place feeders are designed for 3-D articles such as sachets, trays, in film wrapped patterns.

Digital printing and handling platforms
A precise transporting system is the basic instrument for all upgrading production processes. KÖRA-PACKMAT designs and builds individual infeed, aligning and transporting systems on the basis of a flighted belt or suction conveyor, depending on the customers’ demand. This high precision platform is foreseen for the integration of any finishing devices such as labeller, printing equipment, camera control systems, etc. We either only supply the platform or on demand the entire solution!

Ultrasonic sealing systems
The years of experience gained from our ultrasonic film wrapping machines, lately created a new business area – the ultrasonic sealing systems for roll stock materials. Machines for the sealing of non-woven materials produce a finished product for the medical / health industry from the bulk roll stock in any shape and geometry desired.